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An innovative AI-based software that will revolutionize clinical practices and empower the diagnostic.

Ophthal is a CE-marked medical device.

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AI for the ophthalmology

Ophthal enables automatic retinal OCT interpretation 
by the power of our innovative AI platform.
In a few seconds and without effort, Ophthal will label and measure all the informative clinical signs and retinal layers in the OCT scan. It will provide all the necessary diagnostic information to monitor the retinal inflammatory condition of the patients affected by diabetic macular edema (DME).

Fast and Easy-to-Use Software

Ophthal is stand-alone software that works on computers and laptops*. It is sufficient to load the retinal scans of a patient and it will be possible to easily evaluate the retinal inflammatory, monitoring its clinical evolution in time.
Ophthal will count and measure all the useful clinical signs, giving you simple graphical and numerical summary maps of the ongoing analysis.


* Ophthal works on computer provided with Windows 10-11;

full requirements details in the informative brochure and in the user manual.


Work with any OCT device

Ophthal does not need to be connected with the OCT device to work: it will analyze the input images, whatever the OCT device that had taken them.
There is no more the need to use specific software for any different OCT device: Ophthal is ready to work with any clinical settings thanks to its innovative AI technology.

Save time and cost

Ophthal is performant and reliable with its accuracy higher than 90%*. It will allow you to save time and cost for the dedicated operators who manually segment images, avoiding all the problems connected with inter-operator bias.

Ophthal will ensure easy, fast, reliable and consistent over time OCT scan labelling and analysis.


* Ophthal is clinically tested on OCT images acquired on health and affected

by DME patients. More information about the clinical results on request.

Discover the power of our innovative AI and

revolutionize your clinical practice now

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More information forma

Ophthal Scientific Supervisor

Prof. Edoardo Midena, MD, FARVO

Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Department of Neuroscience - Ophthalmology

University of Padova

Padova, Italy

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